Core Practice

The core set of 10 files is developed by the project team. Where the first file invites you to arrive (back) into your body, the other nine files address specific topics directly related to the ethnographic cycle of fieldwork. Although ethnography has been the leading methodology behind this project, most of the actions and methods play a role in any research design: we all engage with literature study, with data gathering and with disseminating the results.

  1. Body Basics: Arriving


  1. Literature: A Spatial Approach
  2. Identity: Noticing Your Lenses
  3. Confidence: Taking on the Mantel


  1. Observation: Seeing and Being Seen
  2. Interviews: Intimacy and Reciprocity in the Field
  3. Places: Being in the Unknown


  1. Analysis: Moving with Polarities
  2. Writing: Embodying your Thoughts
  3. Presenting: A full-bodied Performance