Extended Practice — Comfort, Discomfort and the transformation of perception

By Andrew Suseno

Our brain learns through comparison. Without a solid grounding in comfort and self-care it is difficult to sense when we are uncomfortable or at our edge. Many of us have habituated to significant discomfort in our being at our baseline. The goal of this Audio is to offer a practice for distinguishing comfort and discomfort through the vehicle of somatics in relationships to the environment and others as practised in Parcon. Please feel free to pause this audio at the bell prompts for more time with the exploration, or for journaling. Every individual will improvise these instructions differently even in the same context because of differing demographics and personal histories. What is critical for the ethnographer is to make note of differences in their perception that emerge from each study and to reflect on the socio-political-historical implications of habit versus an inner sensing of self through felt relationship.


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