Extended Practice

The Extended Practice offers additional topics offered by somatic practitioners and/or researchers. Some are more generic, others are again closely related to a specific action or research phase.


By guest contributors (titles to be confirmed)

Dancing with the camera (by Claire Loussouarn)
Moving with the breath for presence and connection (by Marcia Donadel)
A Non-Binary Guide to Embodying One’s Embryonic Gonads (by Nicole Bindler)
Blood Work 1: Introduction (by Marie Hallager Anderson & and Mette Terp Høybye)
Blood Work 2: Flow (by Marie Hallager Anderson & and Mette Terp Høybye)
Blood Work 3: Solids (by Marie Hallager Andersen & and Mette Terp Høybye)
Empathic Fatigue (by Elizabeth Maynard)
Relief from Overwhelm (by Elizabeth Maynard)
Working with Challenges (by Elizabeth Maynard)
Butoh Walk (by Paola Esposito)
Embodying epistemology and evolving research ethics (by Saskia von Diest)


Further Explorations by the project team (titles to be confirmed)
Into the Body
Awakening the senses
Focusing your awareness
Body Data 1 Exploring your physical intelligence
Body Data 2 Material culture: working with an art object
Body data 3 Ethnomusicology: music, musicians and instruments
Body data 4 Medical anthropology: doctors, patients and carers
Body data 5 Tailored to your Unique Research Topic
Nature as a teacher