Extended Practice — Finding relief from overwhelm

By Elizabeth Maynard

This Exploration is intended to help reorient you when you’re feeling overwhelmed by work. When we are in a state of overwhelm, it is hard to tell what we can do in order to shift our relationship with work and figure out what comes next. We are often instructed to focus or work harder, but often in order to reconnect to our project, it’s necessary to take some time to rest and recuperate in a way that will soften the anxiety so that we can return to our project. To start, you are invited to connect with the felt sense of your (potential) stress so that you can better attune to when your body tells you to slow down. From there, you will explore what this “stress” sensation might be trying to communicate about how you can reorient.


Elizabeth Maynard also contributed two blogs and two other Extended Practices to the Somatics Toolkit:

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Further Reading

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