The Toolkit

Our first informal audio-recordings are in the process of being tested. They will provide user-feedback toward the end of September. Below is a working list of definite and possible topics.

Definite topics:

  1. Awakening your Somatic Experience
  2. Body Data: translating research topics into the (moving) body
  3. Identity: which lenses do you look through?
  4. Confidence: taking up the mantle of being a researcher
  5. Seeing and being seen
  6. Recognising vulnerability
  7. Reciprocity: moving-sensing-learning in natural spaces
  8. Moving with polarities in your data
  9. Literature review

Possible topics:

  1. Your research as ritual practice and/or performance
  2. Narratives about co-creation
  3. Stepping into the unknown
  4. Spatial awareness and gaze: location of your body
  5. Mirroring
  6. Navigating emotions
  7. Providing self-care
  8. Somaticising the camera
  9. Decision making & problem solving
  10. Embodied writing
  11. Dealing with data overwhelm
  12. Presentation skills

Add your voice!

We invite your input, so if you have a specific exercise that would make a great addition to the Toolkit, please be in touch! You might even get to record your own Audio Track!

Final recordings will happen in January 2019 at the very latest, so please be in touch while you can!

We look forward to hearing from you!