The dynamics of flow. An introduction to moving with the fluid system

By Lisa Dowler

This audio recording provides a meditative way of connecting to the body’s fluid system, full of spaciousness and imaginative metaphors.

You can access the audio practice via the link below. The recording was originally developed for the Somatic Practice and Chronic Pain Network, funded by AHRC.

Lisa is an independent dance artist, researcher and SME, inspired by Contact Improvisation, Instant Composition and Body-Mind Centering® (BMC®).  She has over 20 years experience in facilitating dance practices and performance in diverse contexts and is the Artistic Director of Small Things Dance Collective (STDC) in the UK. Since 2006 she has been Dance Artist in Residence at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and was a senior lecturer in dance at Edge Hill University from 2007-15.

This practice was developed by Lisa for and with the Somatic Practice and Chronic Pain Network, curated by Dr. Emma Meehan, Coventry University and Professor Bernie Carter, Faculty of Health and Social Care. Edge Hill University.

Further Reading

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