[an undichotomizing poetic]

somatics : an undichotomizing poetic : a provocative invitation

By Bronwyn Preece

i am a poet. a performer. eARThist. a writer. i never [rarely] suffer from writer’s block. until now.

somatics toolkit?

the words fail me. i return again, and again to [try to] write. to respond.



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Contributor Bio:

Bronwyn Preece is an improvisational, site-specific performance eARThist, published poet and author, community-engaged Applied Theatre practitioner, butoh dancer and multi-disciplinary artist…who is honoured to be living as a guest on the Traditional Indigenous Territory of the Salish Peoples.  Her performance and writing work actively incorporates a sensitivity to place.  She recently completed her SSHRC-funded PhD in Performance (Performing Embodiment: Improvisational Investigations into the Intersections of Ecology and Disability), and holds a SSHRC-funded MA and a BFA-with-Distinction in Applied Theatre.  Bronwyn became Canada’s first certified teacher of Action Theater™ improvisation.  She facilitates workshops and performs internationally…often calling here work earthBODYment.